Muree Golf Fishing Club was established within the Golf Club over 25 years ago.

The Fishing Club is a family-oriented club and membership is welcome to all who have an interest in fishing.

Monthly fishing competitions are conducted with 3 weekend trips organised each year to encourage members to fish together. Prize money is offered to the best fisherman of each category of the weekend, e.g., men, ladies & kids. Mystery draws are also conducted. 

The Fishing Club holds raffles every Sunday at the Golf Club. This allows us to raise funds for various projects.

As the Fishing Club is Community-minded we have donated over $20,000 over the years to various local charities.

If you are keen on fishing come up any Sunday and meet the committee. You will be assured of friendship from the fishing community of Muree Golf Club.

Come and meet Charlo and his organisers, and you'll be out on the beach before you know it!
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